Hari Titan for School Board 2020

Dear Piedmont Community,

I'm Hari Titan. My wife and I have had children in Piedmont schools since we arrived in 2008. My youngest child is currently a freshman at PHS.

I work as a mathematician and data scientist for 20 years. I have a Ph.D. In Computer Science and a Masters in Mathematics. My consulting practice has a work-life balance that facilitates my active involvement in Piedmont civics, including PUSD School Board matters.

I have been active in a variety of community issues, principally school-related, since 2013. My experience and vocation equip me to render my deliberations in a scientific and analytical method.. I have been a very vocal advocate for full-disclosure transparency in the leadership, management, and operation of our schools.

The education and health of students is my primary focus. I believe the PUSD Board needs to maximize both the safety and achievement of every Piedmont student. Even in especially complicated times like these, it is possible to meet both of those goals. We owe it to the students.

After months of feedback from parents, the distance learning provided in the Spring of 2020 is now being referred to as "crisis learning" by the superintendent. We should not elect a school board that leads from behind the superintendent. The school board has since directed the superintendent to continue distance learning for the school year 2020-21 with teachers making incremental improvements.

In these hard economic times our state budget deficit has ballooned. I have the financial fortitude to help manage our budget priorities that would have the best impact for our students.

In my work as a data scientist, I am required to absorb the totality of evidence and distill the most important facts. In my Ph.D. program I was trained to avoid cherry picking facts that support a prior bias.

If elected, I will make decisions based on science, data, reason, care, and empathy while always putting the students’ best interests first.

See below for my analysis of reopening schools, college matriculation, new construction, school bond and parcel taxes in Piedmont.

Thank you.

Hari Titan, Ph.D.

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