Hari Titan for School Board 2020

Election Results

Reopening Schools with Safe and First-rate Education

Global Strategy Group conducted an online survey of 1,002 likely voters nationwide from April 6th to 10th, 2020. The results have a margin of error of +/-3.1%. The margin of error among subgroups is greater.

Safety Summit Primer (2020)

A More Detailed Survey about Reopening Schools (July 2020)
Reopening Survey Results

College Matriculation Trends (2007-18)

STEM Ranking per US News and World Report (2014-16)

Transparency, Accountability, and Best Practices

School Board Candidate Nomination Form and Job Description (2020)

Campaign Postcard (2018)

Leveraging a Digital Town Hall for greater public engagement in decision-making (2013-2016)

School Bond Financing Options Explained to Parents and Taxpayers (2014)

School district should inform all parents that emails are part of public record (2020)

Fiscal Responsibility and Cost Effectiveness

Public Survey Results on Responsible Financing (2018)

Vote YES on Parcel Tax Measures G and H: Teacher pay raise and progressive taxation (2019)

Campaign Postcard (2016)

Benefits and Feasibility of New Construction for Alan Harvey (2014)

Call to refinance 2013 Capital Appreciation Bond (2014)

Related campaign postcard (2014)

Deferred taxation scheme makes unrealistic reinvestment assumptions (2014)

Association of Piedmont Teachers Union statement (Sept 10, 2020): "While we acknowledge your interest in transparency and your strong financial background, we are unable to endorse your candidacy for this election. We greatly appreciate the many hours you have dedicated to the school district by way of a variety of reports and your previous support for Measures G and H. It is our hope that we can work with you to support Proposition 15 to provide more necessary funds for our school district. If you are elected, we look forward to working with you further to support meeting the needs of all of Piedmont’s students."

Why I am running

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Epidemiologists should lead the way

School Board Job Description (California School Board Association)

Piedmont Civic Questions

Piedmont Post Candidate QA - August 5 - September 23

Distance Learning Makes a Comeback

Board wavers before applying for a waiver

Passcode: Cs5Mz*EG

Piedmont Parents' Clubs School Board Candidate Forum 2020 (Audio only):

Follow-up: Are you pleased with how decisions were made this past summer regarding school modality?

Exedra Coverage of Piedmont League of Women Voters Debate

Piedmont for Oakland Public Schools Q/A


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