Full Day Kindergarten

A lot of parents opt for private school based on a longer day Kindergarten.

Can we offer full day Kindergarten at Piedmont Schools?

The same classroom is shared by two kindergarten classes at Haven's Elementary.

It appears that additional classrooms might be required for the option of a longer day Kindergarten.

Spoke to Cheryl Wozniak about full-day Kindergarten. Turns out we are paying full-day salaries to all Kindergarten teachers even if they are teaching half day and sharing the same classroom.

Update (May 6, 2015): I forwarded my thoughts to PUSD about considering additional classrooms to facilitate Full Day Kindergarten. Getting lots of hits on this article (>600 unique IPs).

Update 2 (June 21, 2016): PUSD added Extended Day Kindergarten on the task list (with no priority) for Measure H1, see here.

Update 3 (Sept 2016): Dropped a postcard in the mailer to all Piedmont residents. The postcard and my candidate statement makes a point that we should prioritize full day kindergarten if Measure H1 passes.

Update 4 (November 8, 2016): Measure H1 passes.

Update 5 (April 6, 2017 Email): A Message from Piedmont Unified School District

PUSD Elementary Families,

On March 22nd, the Piedmont Board of Education unanimously approved an Extended Day Kindergarten Program that begins in the fall of 2017. While extremely supportive, the Board voiced concern about the possibility of a bell schedule that may negatively impact before-school care opportunities for the community and staff (e.g. Schoolmates). The Board instructed District staff to revisit the bell schedule before coming to a final recommendation.

After collaborating with kindergarten teachers, site principals, and the Piedmont Recreation Department, the District is implementing the following bell schedule to help preserve before-school care across the District:

The recommended 17-18 schedule is a modified stagger schedule to meet the request of the Schoolmates Program. During our conversations with the Piedmont Recreation Department, it was clear that the City was hoping for at least a one-year stagger in order to give them time to redevelop their program.

Modified Stagger Schedule:
For each kindergarten class the students would be divided into two Student Groups: A and B. Student Group A arrives at 8:30am on Monday and Tuesday and 9:10am on Thursday and Friday. All kindergarten students arrive at 8:30am on Wednesday.

Student Group B arrives at 9:10am on Monday and Tuesday and 8:30am on Thursday and Friday. All kindergarten students arrive at 8:30am on Wednesday.

In other words:

Student Group A
8:30am - 2:00pm Monday/Tuesday
8:30am - 1:45pm Wednesday
9:10am - 2:00pm Thursday/Friday

Student Group B
9:10am - 2:00pm Monday/Tuesday
8:30am - 1:45pm Wednesday
8:30am - 2:00pm Thursday/Friday

Like we do for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade classes annually, during the first few weeks of school, all kindergarten students will be on a daily 8:30am-2:00pm schedule in order for the kindergarten teachers to appropriately evaluate and assess all students. This typically lasts until the labor day weekend. When students return on Tuesday, September 5th, they will be in their stagger groupings and the schedule will shift to what is listed above.

The 18-19 school year will revert to an 8:30am-2:00pm schedule (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday), as teachers stress that this schedule is the most educationally appropriate for kindergarten students.

8:30am - 2:00pm Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday
8:30am - 1:45pm Wednesday

I want to thank the community for their patience as we worked in partnership with the teachers and Piedmont Recreation Department to develop a schedule that both addressed the educational needs and the community needs for before-school care. I am thrilled at the opportunity for an Extended Day Kindergarten program for our students!

Also, the District is hosting its annual Kindergarten/Transitional Kindergarten Information Night for families on April 20th, 7:00-8:30 pm in the Wildwood Elementary School Auditorium. All are invited!


Randall Booker, Superintendent - Piedmont Unified School District
Michael Corritone, Principal - Beach Elementary School
Carol Cramer, Principal - Wildwood Elementary School
Anne Dolid, Principal - Havens Elementary School



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