Hari Titan for Piedmont Board of Education 2018

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AHT, STEM, Kindergarten, Superintendent or CAB

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Here is some campaign coverage by the Piedmont Post: Piedmont Post August 29, 2018

Here is a link to the League of Women Voters (Piedmont) debate: School Board (8:20 pm, H:M:S 1:28:51)

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Make sure to share your address and contributions over $99 will include a thank you gift of an analysis of college acceptance trends of Piedmont grads between 2007 and 2018.

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Researching Hari Titan’s Work for PUSD

On Capital Appreciation Bonds versus Current Interest Bonds

We are not paying for Havens Elementary but our interest charges are compounding
CABs benefit Bond Investors over Taxpayers
All of my Articles

Endorsement on school district finances

My work supporting Kindergarten


My work supporting a new rebuild of the Alan Harvey Theater

Detailed features available for new construction and Nearby School District comparison

My work on Measure H1

Progress Report and Cost to Homeowners

Visual Analysis Showcase

I have a Showcase of visual analyses and public surveys I did independently for the benefit of PUSD but not as part of any committee.

Many quotes in the press. The Piedmont Post quotes are accurate. The Piedmonter / East Bay Times retracted the “Ivy League” quote because it was not accurate.



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