Distance Learning

Distance Learning makes a comeback in PUSD

At the September 9 school board meeting, Dr. Cheryl Wozniak, Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services gave a presentation on a recent survey to students, parents, and staff regarding distance learning (DL) experiences during the first three weeks of instruction. Some 700 parents, 327 middle and high school students, and 134 staff (paraprofessionals, teachers, and specialists) participated in this survey.


Classroom Instruction

Piedmont Unified is in DISTANCE LEARNING until further notice. Distance learning worsens educational inequalities and students are estimated to lose months of learning which could harm an entire generation.
What happens when Alameda County satisfies the Governor’s criteria and the school board regains autonomy? This question should be answered by all candidates for our school board.


Epidemiologists should lead the way

On March 13, 2020, our school board decided to close schools against the advice of then Alameda County Epidemiologist and interim public health director, Dr. Erica Pan. I spoke at the school board meeting about the importance of sharing data and seeking out advice from our county Epidemiologist and following their leadership on these matters. I did not want science to be politicized by people who were not elected to conduct themselves as Epidemiologists. The school board stated they have enough expertise on the board to decide their own school shut down criteria.


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