Upgrading pianos

This idea is from Gray Cathrall of the Piedmont Post.

We can request donations of pianos for our school auditoriums with an advertisement in the Piedmont Post.

We would need to specify the sizes of the pianos being requested.

The quality of the pianos would likely be better than what is available on craigslist.


Highland Avenue gate for Havens Elementary

Many parents and the School Board feel that there is not enough play space for the kids at Havens.

The Havens "Courtyard" is a very inviting space that helps give the school an open campus like feel.

The courtyard has a "Breezeway" gate that is currently locked and requires visitors to go through the main office to get a Visitor's badge to get to the rest of the school.

A suggestion was made to build a new gate along Highland Avenue that would allow opening up the Breezeway gate and letting kids play in the Courtyard during recess and/or lunch.


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